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Product name : Multi-Turn Valve Actuator
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Major Feature of Hurko Multi-Turn Valve Actuator :

The HK Series Electric Valve Actuators offers many specially performances, high cost-effective even its applies in the general situation.

Non-intrusive switching:
The HK Series Electric Valve actuators utilizes
magnetic induction mode switching without any shafts penetrating the shell. 

Non-intrusive setting:
The actuators operational parameter setting are effected using the non-intrusively, hand held, infra-red setting tool.

Double sealed: Intelligent Electric Valve Actuator

All the HK series actuators are housed in a double-sealed enclosure and provide complete protection to the internal equipment even if the terminal cover are removed during site wiring, the type of waterproof actuator can running 48 hours while the actuator immerge into water deep 3 meters. 

Torque protection:

A sensor serve as overload protection for the entire valve travel, and you can setup a different torque volume between 40~120% of rated torque, in addition the open torque protection value can be different from close torque.

Limit protection setting:
If this function is enable, the actuator shall be stopped automatically while the valve  position reaches the limit position.

Loss Phase protection:
The actuators real time monitor all three phase of the power supply during operation to prevent  the motor from running when the power supply is short of phase.

Electronic Latching :
Electronic Latching inhibits the actuator torque protection function within 5 seconds and allows the motor to generate torque in excess of rated torque to enable operation of jammed valves while starting operation signal is enable , should the actuator stall when attempting to unseat a valve stuck in its seat, the motor will be de-energised to prevent damage.

Motor thermal protection:
Two thermostats are embedded in the windings for provide thermal-protection by de-energise motor in the event of motor over the maximum temperature.

Electric protection:
The input and output signal channel of circuits are designed as photoelectric isolate mode.  


Valve position and torque measure:
Use hall effect magnetic pulse system continually monitoring the valve position and use the magnetic flux and current of the motor for continually measures the controlling torque are to avoid the mechanical wearing and ensure function stability.

Automatic correction for phase sequence:
The actuators monitor the phases and run in the correct direction regardless of the sequence of power supply connection that is realized through a phase rotation correction Boolean logical calculation .Electric Valve Actuator applied in power plant
Setting the following configurations with infra-red setting tool

  • Direction to close
  • Close limit position protection function
  • Close/ open operation torque value
  • Open /close limit position
  • ESD Optional function  (ESD: Emergency shut down)

Digital indication of valve position:
The percentage digital of valve position real time indicates on LCD display.

 Power failed protection:
If main power failed, the internal battery of the actuator should supply power for control circuit and supports valve position control in hand operation. In case of no battery available, actuator can save the currently valve position Data as well.

Handwheel operation:

Direct drive handwheel to provide reliable emergency manual operation in the event of a power supply failure. Electric operation always has the higher priority than manual operation, when motor is energized that the operation state automatic switch to electric operation mode unless hand/auto lever is purposely locked into ‘manual operation’

Explosion proof:
The actuators has high class enclosure which is designed according to GB3836, it provides reliable ingress and seals guarantee. In addition, the threaded is designed at the cable entry conduit of the actuator for fixing explosion proof tube. 

High torque, low inertia motor:

The low inertia and high torque motor generates peak torque rapidly after starting but with very little overrun when it is de-energized.

HK series are filled with high-quality gear oil, the most important machine parts such as worm and turbine operates in an oil bath to reduce wearing and extend life.

Standard valve/actuator interface:
Actuator Base of ranges HK03 to HK60, designed as a removable mode and Series HK100 to HK300 as an integral mode, the flange and drive bushing conforming to international standard ISO5210

Thrust bearing configuration:
The type ‘A’ is the thrust type drive bushing that couples a fully sealed and lubricated thrust bearing to guarantee which have not any load effects on the actuator inner structure. 

Solid state circuit measure:
All of Series HK provides the solid state circuit to measure the torque without any mechanical equipments such as the spring switch or the level.


Power Supply:         380VAC/50Hz   220VAC/50Hz
Watertight Enclosure :  IP68
Explosion Proof:       Exd II CT4 (option)
Ambient Temperature:  -40~+70Cº
Ambient Humidity:      ≤95%

Option: 4-20 mA control,
Fieldbus Control, Explosion Proof

Frequency of Operation: To the on-off mode is 60 starts per hour; the modulatory mode are divided into two kinds, one is 600 starts per hour, the other is 1200 starts per hour; all series HK actuators are maximal continuous operation time within 15 minutes per hour.

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